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The starting materials and the reagents used in the multi-step chemical transformations are not derived from tobacco.

The nicotine produced from this patented process is named TFN® Nicotine. TFN Nicotine is a unique nicotine since it is highly purified to ensure greater than 99.5% USP standards. Also important, TFN brand nicotine, since it is completely synthetic, does not contain any of some of the most harmful chemicals typically found as contaminants in tobacco-derived nicotine. The final product, TFN® Nicotine is a non-colored (like water), clear, essentially odorless, non-viscous liquid nicotine.

To learn more about the studies conducted on TFN at UC Irvine: Click Here


The purity of TFN leads to a more amplified flavor experience.

E-liquids that utilize TFN such as NKTR, Cypher, and PEEL have multiple testimonies and reviews on the increased flavor and balance of the ingredient profiles. While flavor intensity is subjective, give them a shot to find out for yourself.

Coil Longevity

While many factors play into how long a coil or wick/cotton lasts before having to be replaced, vapers who have used TFN e-liquids extensively have stuck by the e-juices not “gunking” your coils. As a baseline comparison, we took two RDAs with coils and wicks installed, then vaped through 10ml of e-juice on each. The image on the left reflects traditional tobacco-derived nicotine e-liquid while the image on the right reflects Tobacco-Free Nicotine. To ensure a fair playing field, neither e-liquids contained sweetening agents that could have caramelized or burnt.

Nicotine Satisfaction

With Tobacco Free Nicotine, the vaping experience and overall nicotine intake even feels different -- in the good way.

Throughout the past several years of vaping, the majority of the satisfying “hit” that ex-smokers sought was satiated by a throat hit carried by nicotine concentration or higher PG ratios. E-liquids that use TFN have very minimal throat hit. Instead, the nicotine feeling is closer to a “thump” in your chest at the peak of your inhale/hold rather than a harshness.

Tobacco Free Nicotine