How Does Auster work?

Auster is designed to enable you to get the most satisfaction and delight out of your personal vaping journey, while also saving you time and money! At the core of AUSTER is the Membership. We collaborate with artists to bring you a curated box of e-liquids. One puff and you will notice that we don’t take our craft lightly. Along with four, 30 ml bottles, each box will also include an element of surprise-items that speak to the finer things. The Auster Box lives beyond a moment of relaxation, it accompanies our customer along every facet of their lifestyle. Subscribe and experience the art of flavor, delivered right to your door.

Who is Auster?

Auster operates as curated marketplace wherein we support and celebrate brands for their superior quality e-liquids, compelling brand story, and tenacity for challenging conventional norms. A dedicated collective of creatives, marketers,tastemakers, artist and web developers who work intimately with your team to create engaging, original content for a unique customer journey, promotional/launch events and pop up stores that reinvigorates the current fan base while attracting a completely new one.

Who are Auster customers?

They are independent, creative, and lead an active lifestyle. They value design and technology and care about quality and curation, but are unpretentious and open minded. They are cultural pioneers and enjoy trying new things but are loyal to brands they know they can trust. They aren’t defined by material goods and seek out engaging, meaningful products that offer enrichment and delight.

Who are the artist Auster collaborates with?

You’re only as creative as the company you keep. We work with select group of promising artists who help breathe life and authenticity into our work. Our collaboration helps craft each brand touchpoint, elevating it to a work of art. Everything is a canvas, from the box to the white paper that surrounds legal copy. For our launch, we’re excited to collaborate with Australian born and Berlin local, Sam Chirnside. As you can see, each piece an artist creates, becomes a collector’s item and an experience that consumers will want to share with friends.