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About Auster

With an endless number of e-liquid options of indecipherable quality, we see vaping as a journey in need of a guide. That’s why we cut through the clutter and feature only the industry’s most premium e-liquid products. Whether you enjoy the rush of a curated discovery or simply need a quick fix, you can trust that everything on Auster will deliver an unforgettable vaping experience.



Auster starts and ends with taste. We’ve built our company by hand-selecting only the finest quality product with the most exquisite flavors, and delivering the ones best suited to your unique pallete.


Auster is collective of vape lovers working to perfect the e-cigarette experience for everyone. While we come from different backgrounds we share the belief that the current vape landscape leaves room for improvement. So we’ve dedicated our knowhow, creativity and curation skills to providing every Auster member the vape they deserve.



For every vaper, Auster has a key to enhancing their experience. Some just want a fragrant alternative to cigarettes--we‘ve got plenty of those. Another favorite is the low cost and high convenience of our monthly deliveries. E-cigarette aficionados like being surprised by a new discover. And some vapers want to expand their perspective in a community of likeminded enthusiasts, artists and tastemakers through the Auster community. Each reason is the perfect reason to join Auster.

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