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To this day, vapers are defined only in broad strokes. Phrases like “I only vape fruits” or “I only vape high wattage” became how vape brands understood someone like you.

But the truth is we all crave variety.

We’re all hungry for a nuanced kind of experience. And because of the way the industry has developed, no single source is capable of capturing your curiosity or sustaining your cravings. No one can deliver the individualized experience you want and deserve.

Until now.

Auster is here to boldly go where no vape brand has thought to go.

We are a small team of ex-smokers with varying experience and backgrounds; some of us have been vaping for years while others have just started a few months ago. We took a look at the market and realized the e-liquid bundle model was lackluster and vapers wanted more. Along with their trusted favorites, they needed a platform to discover good flavors, thus - AUSTER.

To bring you an elevated and curated experience without sacrificing quality for value.

We don’t believe in carrying the most juice options or the cheapest options. Instead, we aim to find and offer the best to our customers. A selective sampling process is at the forefront of any juices or brands we work with. Beyond the popular premium brands that already exist, we are entirely open to exploring new or emerging businesses and technologies -- such as e-juices utilizing TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine).

We’re planting the flag for a new generation of flavor-hunting “Austernauts”. Are you with us?