What's TFN?

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“Tobacco Free Nicotine"

What is it?

Tobacco Free Nicotine (or, TFN) is often heralded as the future of the vape
industry. That’s because media portrayals and recent FDA regulations have
tied the stigma of cigarettes with that of vaping. This unfair connection stems
from one thing: nicotine. A product of tobacco, cigarettes have long been
considered the only source of nicotine. But pure nicotine can exist with no
additives, and it has physiological effects as benign as caffeine.  


is pure nicotine created without tobacco products (whether stem, leaf, or waste dust),
and as such, represents an exciting new alternative for smokers. The vape industry has long been plagued by the FDA and media classifying e-liquid as a tobacco product. Since the nicotine in TFN is derived entirely without tobacco, it may prevent future
e-liquids from being handled identically to cigarettes or cigars.

Check out the inventors of TFN, NextGenerationLabs

TFN is also highly coveted by flavor enthusiasts because it’s the purest
and cleanest nicotine to optimize flavor blends, without tobacco. While it’s still
an emerging niche in the vape industry, many e-liquid manufacturers have already
started substituting conventional nicotine with TFN to establish an early
position. That includes reputable names like NKTR, Cypher, and Lost Arts.

On the legislative front, pro-vaping advocates are utilizing the TFN
platform as an argument against e-juice restrictions. To support the
movement, it’s important for legislators and politicians to understand
that nicotine and tobacco are not synonymous: one is a chemical
compound while the other is an actual crop. With the inevitable
adoption of TFN by more and more e-liquid companies, getting the
right information to the right people is key.

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