What Vaped in 2016

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The biggest thing that happened this year is that vaping,
and the vape community, gained fuller transparency. With over 9 million
Americans vaping regularly, we have become hard to ignore. While
the FDA did impose regulations on vaping, it encouraged more scientific
institutions and universities to conduct more research on the effects
of vaping compared to smoking. In the near future, we anticipate
an even broader acceptance of vape devices, liquid, and culture. We’ve
seen a huge surge in clearness of motive, an understanding and a more
international acceptance.

Chasing the Cloud

Vaping has gained traction throughout the year, particularly with hobbyists.
With mind blowingly complex new coil constructions and higher VG juices,
2016 was a bit hazy to say the least. While mouth-to-lung vapers prefer
a lower VG content for stronger throat hit, the majority of e-liquid companies
have moved to a 70/30 or 80/20 ratio. Some e-liquid manufacturers actually
pump out 100% VG liquid, meaning 2017 may be even cloudier.



Best Devices of the Year

While 2016 was the year of the FDA and TPP regulations,
it did not hinder innovation or creativity on manufacturers’ parts.
This year, we’ve actually selected two devices that were best sellers
and highly favored among the vape community.

First up is the Eleaf Pico, paving the way for stealthier mods.
While this device was streamlined and designed to be pocket and hand
friendly, it still accommodates a removable 18650 battery cell. With
increased flexibility and portability, the Pico still packs 75 watts of power.
Upon its immediate success, other market driving manufacturers began
designing stealth vapes as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, yet still highly favored, was the
Wismec Reuleaux RX200. This three battery monster
blew vapers away, pun intended. The RX200 incorporated an entirely
new triangular battery layout and unparalleled ergonomics. While
the RX200 can pack up to 200 watts of power, the sleek and streamlined
design is what really pushed its success.

Favorite Juice of the Year

Our favorite juice of the year is an exclusive collaboration with
The Vape Kitchen named Opus 5. Chef Oren, master flavorist of
The Vape Kitchen, took advantage of his highly complex and sensitive
taste palette from years of culinary experience and hit the lab to develop
a recipe worthy of a Michelin Star of the e-liquid world. With Spanish
saffron infused VG as one of the bases, Chef Oren further tossed
aromatics and sweet cream notes. Chef Oren took this blend to an
even higher tier by incorporating delicate (and accurate) hints of
clover honey, fresh lavender, milk, and a touch of orange blossom to
round out the flavor balance. Opus 5 can
only be purchased
through Auster currently.
Best Vape Advocacy

A Billion Lives, a documentary directed by Aaron Biebert, hit the
screens earlier this year. Biebert stunned the world by showing that
through the looming government regulations, vaping had
become victimized. Between large corporations and overextending
policies, A Billion Lives has premiered in multiple cities across the
world with one goal: to educate the masses of how vaping has helped
countless people turn their lives and habits around by providing an
alternative. For more information, check out
Craziest Vape Trick of 2016

Vapes provide a far denser cloud as opposed to traditional smoking
apparatuses; this opens the door to tricks that just have to be
conceptualized. While most vapers were still perfecting their O’s and
french inhale, one man set off to revolutionize vape tricks. King Titus,
revered as the messiah of vape tricks, stunned the community when
he flawlessly performed the now-famous “Jellyfish”.

Cheapest Vape Device Aggregator

With curated packages of sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing, and
functional goodies paired with 4x30mL bottles of e-liquid every month,
Auster is aware that mods and tanks are very subjective to individuals’
needs and desires. For that reason, we recommend Vape Crawler to
help you put our e-liquid to good use. Vape Crawler has consistently
stayed on top of the cheapest deals for mods, tanks, and coils! With various
vendors across the globe listed, you’re bound to find a reasonably priced
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What To Expect in 2017

Innovation directly drives the vape experience and fortunately, 
2016 was full of it. From touch screen displays on devices to tiny
closed system pens, 2017 will undoubtedly impress us further.
Battery technology should ideally advance while e-liquids will also
begin to vary. This year, Auster used TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine) in
our Cypher line and we expect to pave the way for other juice makers
to step in. As for devices, wattages will go up while resistances come down!
Of course, we hope unnecessary regulations on vapes and e-liquids 
will slacken in the coming year. Until then, keep calm and vape on.

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