The World's Weirdest E-Liquid Flavors

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When we’re considering an all-day vape, we tend towards the sweeter,
fruitier realm of the e-juice flavor spectrum. But every once in a while,
we like to give more off-beat flavors a shot. So we went out looking
for some of the most bizarre e-liquids on the planet. These may not be your
new favorite vape
in fact we’re pretty sure it won’t bebut if you’re trying
to experiment with something unusual, look no further than these.

This sweet-and-savory combination is delightful on a plate.
As an e-juice flavor, it takes a more fearless vaper to give it a try.

We find salted fish vile enough as a food, but thanks to Hangsen,
you can now get the pungent, fishy flavors as a vape.

Another savory creation from Hangsen, this juice mimics the taste
of a heavily ketchuped foot-long without all the chewing.

We can’t imagine Blue Cheese making into anyone’s regular rotation,
but it might make serve  an effective dare for one of your friends.

Turtle Soup

A delicacy in some Asian nations, turtle soup hasn’t made much headway
in the rest of the world. We’re assuming the same applies to this flavor,
which transforms the taste of soft-shelled turtles into a vapable e-juice.

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