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As winter sets in at Auster HQ in NYC, our minds tend
to wander to sunnier environs. And for our money, you can’t beat
Los Angeles for its top-notch food, drink, art, and hospitality.
If you’re like us and have your sights set on the City of Angels,
we’ve collected some of our must-visit spots. Just like Auster,
these places are committed to the finest aspects of their respective fields.
Take a look, swing by when you’re in the neighborhood, and if you do,
keep an eye out for us puffing a cloud out front.


Red Bird Los Angeles

Set in burgeoning Downtown LA, Red Bird is a gem
in the City of Angels. Housed inside a former cathedral,
the entire restaurant sits under a retractable roof, perfect
for blowing clouds after a lengthy meal. Red Bird mirrors
the culinary vibe of Los Angeles with a refined yet relaxed
approach to American cuisine. It’s a required stop if you’re
cruising through Los Angeles.


Positioned just off the beaten path of Venice, Gjusta
is the ultimate LA bakery experience. Set across the street from
the inimitable Gold’s Gym, there’s a whole lot of muscle
to recall Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a whole lot of beach drifters
wandering the streets. But once you step inside, the scent of
freshly baked bread, coffee, and breakfast treats fill the air.


Hailing from the Pacific shores of Australia, Deus Ex Machina
is a multi-platform store with a focus and eye for surf and
motorcycle culture. Acting as a custom bike shop, cafe, and
retail store, Deus Ex Machina lets you take part in the lifestyle
without having to hop on a bike. It is a place that celebrates
creativity and the culture behind motorcycles.

Nestled in an old Art Deco building in Downtown LA, lies
Please Do Not Enter. 
Opened with the intent of offering
an eclectic and engaging collection of exclusive curated
contemporary goods for men, Please Do Not Enter has
pushed the envelope of the modern retail experience.

We’d be remiss to ignore one of our all-time favorite vape stores.
If your travels go through Cerritos, you have no excuse not to visit
Vape Rev. Housing many of the most beloved Auster e-liquid brands,
you’ll also find top-of-the-line devices, accessories and more.
Consider it a stopgap vape option between Auster deliveries.


Juice Served Here

The fresh juice movement can (arguably) be traced to Los Angeles.
But you can’t stop in town without hitting up one of Juice Served Here’s
locations in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or Downtown LA. The modern
experience and simplicity in design enhanced the incredible juices and
makes for a wildly engaging visit.


James Beach

Hidden on a sand-laden side street just steps from the
Venice Boardwalk and the ocean sits James Beach.
Known for their tacos and guacamole as much as its late night
vibe, James Beach is a mainstay of Venice. Sip a drink in the
afternoon, have an alfresco puff under their open roof, or just
strap in and let the night take its course.


Malibu Trails

Drive up the coast on the famed Route 1, and you’ll find the point
where the mountains and meet the ocean: hills covered in green,
trails winding and traversing the edges of the mountains. Pull off PCH,
grab your vape and blow clouds while you carve your own path on foot.


The Line Hotel

Rising from Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown, The Line Hotel
is adorned with a site-specific installation from famed graffiti artist,
Shepard Fairey. The hotel within is an amazing, full-concepted experience.
The Line holds two restaurants, headed by acclaimed chef Roy Choi,
and a beautiful bar overlooking the pool and streets below. It’s just
steps away from the bustling streets below, but feels like it’s worlds apart.


Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel is single-handedly changing
the relationship that galleries have with their audience.
Instead of just selling art, they’re contributing to the cultural
conversation by engaging in research, education, and public
outreach, while creating a platform for dialogue through their
restaurant and bar. The concept goes far beyond the traditional
output of galleries, acting more as a multimedia art space. You
can engage, explore, or just sit back, have a vape and take it all in.

Financed and housed by the venerable art collector, Eli Broad,
The Broad is probably the most sought-after ticket in the art world.
Adjacent to the iconic Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall,
The Broad is helping elevate the area to an architectural hotspot of LA.
With works by Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst
and many more, The Broad is a must-stop in LA.


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