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Vape mods are what turn a simple vape pen into a thick
cloud-producing machine. Many mod categories are dependent
on battery configurations (18350, 18500, 18650, dual, triple 18650, 26650),
but today, we’re focusing solely on the 18650 variety. To simplify
a complex landscape, there are generally two kinds of mods: tube-shaped
and box-shaped. While there are some proprietary and innovative shapes
(the Vaporesso Target comes to mind), the vast majority of mods fall into
one of those two categories.

Tube mods have a cylindrical appearance and have recently branched
off into either starter kits (Endura T18, Joyetech AIO) or mechanical
advanced mods (Vicious Ant, for example). Box mods have also seen
a wide array of innovations and advancements, like software improvements
(such as temperature control and setting memories) and hardware or
shape tweaks. This introduces a series of subcategories you can think of
as a “regular box”, an All-In-One, or Side-By-Side.




You’ll recognize regular box mods as the standard 4-sided mods where
the tank sits on the 510 connection on top. A textbook example of regular
box mods is the Evic VTC Mini or Evic VTwo Mini.



All-In-Ones (or, AIOs) generally feature a restrained circuit system
that improves portability and maintenance. The tank and mod are combined
into a single unit that only requires an occasional change of coil and juice refills.
Popular AOIs include the Aspire Plato, Kanger Cupti, and Joyetech eGrip II.

Side-by-side mods can be considered the “goldilocks” of the box
mod category. The Xvostick, designed by Chels at Mini-Ecig, was one
of the first pioneers of a style that now counts an innumerable list of
manufacturers. While it may resemble an AIO, the tank actually sits
in a recessed “seatbelt” style of holster alongside the battery. This creates
the appearance of sitting entirely flush along the top, like an AIO mod.
However, the tank is actually changeable, with the only constraint being
the diameter reserved in the recessed tank cavity.


While there are many factors to consider when deciding on buying a mod,
you should also keep in mind what things you’re willing to trade off for
improvements in other areas. But at the end of the day, a mod is only as
important as the vaper makes it. Everyone has their own preferences and
dislikes, and vape mods give us a spectrum of different options.


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