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Music plays an integral role to life. Cruising down the streets,
bumping tunes at home, listening with friends, music gives
that emotional connection and fabric to life. Here, we sat down
with DJ/Producer duo, MEMBA, to discuss the inspiration behind
their sound and what the future holds for them in 2017.

Ishaan Chaudhary & Will Curry


A: What’s in the name?

M: Sadly the name doesn't stand for anything 
MEMBA is whatever people want it to be.


A: Who are your musical influences?

Will: I love genre hybrid music like Ratatat
Flying Lotus and Flume


A: Describe what “anti-genre dance music”
means to you (as you are described on your FB) 

M: We aim to bring diversity together in unexpected ways
through our music - be that diversity in genre, culture
or just any two things that don't usually go together.


A: How has your sound evolved since you first 
formed MEMBA in 2015?

M: Well when we first started making music together 
in 2015 we were focused on making punchy dance music 
that would tell a story. Now we are trying to make proper songs 
that take the listener on a ride through several emotions.



A: Where do you see the music industry headed 
and what changes do you think technology has had
on the industry?

M: Costs of production equipment is lower than ever 
so the quantity of music coming out is extremely high. 
Styles are evolving very fast so we think it is important for artists 
to continue learning and adapting with the sound.


A: You have remixed rap classics like Kendrick Lamar’s
Poetic Justice and less well known alternative tracks
like Amadou & Mariam’s
Sabali - how do you choose a song
to remix and what is the process like?   

M: At first we only had the option of doing bootleg remixes
that were legally risky. But now we have been getting the opportunity
to make official remixes. The goal for us is to add a new feel to the song
that didn't exist in the original, while still giving respect to the artist.


A: What is your favorite part of performing live?
What in particular did you like about performing at Auster’s
launch event?

M: Nothing is better than seeing strangers bobbing to tunes that we created!
We loved dudes who came up on stage and started blowing incredible
vapor shapes from their mouths!


A: What will MEMBA look and sound like in 5 years?

M: MEMBA will be an experience that causes the audience 
to be involved with what is happening on stage. The sound will bring 
people to emotional places as well as wild ones.


A: Describe your studio in three words



A: If you could collaborate with any artist, 
living or dead, who would they be and why?

M: Screamin' Jay Hawkins because he was on another level...

A: Like MEMBA, Auster collaborates with up-and-coming artists
in unique ways to create a curated experience. If you could design
a MEMBA-inspired vape flavor, what would it taste/smell like?

M: Earthy fresh rain

A: Where is the first place you go after a gig?

M: Definitely pizza

A: Favorite city you have ever performed in

M: New York City... Although Walla Walla Washington is a close second

A: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?

Ishaan: Straight billionaire

Will: The most chill ski lift operator

A: What are 4 outlets for creative inspiration that you check everyday?

The New York subway


A: What does MEMBA have in store for 2017?

M: So much stuff. We have two more singles coming out in January
featuring some new, and some familiar voices. We're hoping to roll out
a beta test of an interactive immersive listening experience in NYC,
play a few shows and release a ton of music.
Stay tuned!

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Follow all things MEMBA on their SoundCloud and Instagram!


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